Max Recomposition Bundle


Sleep Flavor
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  • Ignite, Test, Sleep (Free)

Achieving a balance of muscle growth and fat loss simultaneously does not come easy. A strategic approach must be taken to optimize all processes within the body to maximize metabolic rate while peaking hormone production to drive new tissue growth. For those looking to tackle a recomposition phase, you’ve met your match.


Kick your metabolism into overdrive with this high powered formula. Shred body fat and channel energy like never before to dominate your workouts. These natural, cutting edge ingredients provide the push you need, with no crash later.


Get the anabolic advantage hormones bring to the table. Boost your testosterone levels with natural ingredients while regulating the effects of estrogen within your body to assist with lean tissue growth and improved natural energy with no side effects.


Optimizing your sleep cycle is the driving force behind hormone production including testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, this potent formula will ensure a good night's rest so you can get back to the grind tomorrow.