Summer Shred Bundle


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Burn Flavor
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  • Pump, EAA, Burn (Free)

Make your struggles to drop body fat an issue of the past. Ignite your metabolism while providing the essential nutrients necessary to bring your best look to date this summer. With this stack you can finally achieve the defined, shredded look that will have heads turning at the beach without missing a beat and still performing at your peak in the gym.


Raw Pump

A non-stimulant pre-training formula that peaks nitric oxide levels, maximizing nutrient-rich blood flow to working muscle groups. Maintain fullness while in a caloric deficit while experiencing unrelenting pumps.

Essential Amino Acids

These particular 9 amino acids are the key to preventing muscle loss while shredding down. These muscle-sparing nutrients help preserve lean tissue and improve endurance as the body burns fat for fuel.


Stimulate your metabolism and optimize the processes within that transport fat to be burned for fuel. This formula is low in stimulants, but yields high quality results as it accelerates fat loss.