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Brett Wilkin

Brett Wilkin




IFBB Professional Bodybuilder 

Bio :
I am an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder that competes in the open division. I currently live in Denver, Colorado and train/work out of Armbrust Pro Gym. I have been involved with competitive sports my entire life and followed my passion with obtaining a college degree in Exercise Science- Physiology and Nutrition. I now use bodybuilding as a vehicle to use and pass on my knowledge of fitness and nutrition.

Top 3 Favorite Raw Products : 

RAW 100% Grass Fed Whey Isolate Protein , RAW Intra Workout, RAW Pump

Why You Chose Raw: 

I chose Raw Nutrition because I know the dedication and professionalism that the founders of RAW nutrition represent and their focus on true quality ingredients with ratios needed to best facilitate the individual using the products. I know no other company is this dedicated to making sure the products are 100% satisfactory to the consumer and they construct these supplements with that in mind. RAW nutrition is also set on expanding and helping all types of individuals and will continue to grow at a rapid pace always expanding and evolving. I love the loyalty and security felt with the RAW team behind me.

Fun Fact :

One interesting thing that not many people know is that I was much smaller all the way until I was 24-25 years old. I graduated college at 165lbs and played football as a slot receiver. I am now about 100lbs more than that currently and a totally different physique. Consistent actions lead to consistent results!