Recovery Bundle


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Sleep Flavor
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  • EAA, Intra-workout, Sleep (Free)

In order to push the limits day after day, you need to have the right recovery protocol in place. This trio provides the full spectrum of nutrients necessary to optimize recovery so you can get right back in the game day after day. Train harder, sleep better, and achieve the true results that match your efforts.

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Essential Amino Acids

These are your building blocks of protein. These 9 amino acids are a core piece of both optimizing recovery and maximizing protein absorption to promote the growth of lean muscle tissue.


We combined the highest quality carbohydrates and electrolytes to create the ultimate recovery matrix. Upgrade your intra-workout drink to replenish depleted glycogen storage to ensure top notch recovery is achieved.


Optimizing your sleep cycle is the driving force behind hormone production including testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, this potent formula will ensure a good night's rest so you can get back to the grind tomorrow.