Revive MD is seeking an experienced videographer/photographer to join our team to capture content of our health and wellness line of supplements. Candidates with experience with product photography are a plus.

Photographer/Videographer Qualifications

Proficient in the following softwares:

⁃ Adobe Premier Pro

⁃ Adobe After Effects

⁃ Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

⁃ Adobe illustrator

⁃ ( (CRM program)

⁃ Capability of fully using a Mirrorless DSLR to its full capacity (Adjust camera settings, knows the difference between shutter speed, ISO, Aperature, frame rates, color profiles, Prime lenses vs. Zoom lenses etc.)

⁃ Understands and can do both Videography and Photography and can apply those skills in a professional setting

⁃ Understands how to work on a high end Commercial production with a team on assigned roles (grip, lighting, DOP, Camera Op etc.)

⁃ Basic knowledge of Lighting, Composition, Grip and Gaffing, Camera rig building and general cinematography.

⁃ Has the capability of knowing how to use a high end Cinema camera (RED, Canon c70, FX6, BMC etc.)

⁃ Can edit a video/ project start to finish without any assistance knowing how to colour grade, cut, mask, overlay, key frame, and can file manage footage properly.

⁃ Able to fly a Drone and use a gimbal (DJI magic and DJI Ronin RS3)

⁃ Can create, plan, and storyboard and entire project from start to finish including the pre-production process of attaining assets, props, talent, shoot location etc.


Preferred Skills

  1. Ability to work on call and respond to ad campaign emergencies when necessary
  2. Passion for health and wellness supplements
  3. Strong organizational skills with the ability to multitask and maintain a fast-paced workflow


Traits / Characteristics:

  1. Communication
  2. Punctual
  3. Marketing
  4. Storytelling
June 11, 2023
Tags: Revive