Sweetened with Stevia



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  • 20g Plant-Based Protein 
  • Fortified With Vitamins
  • Supports Lean Muscle Mass

    Go Green.

    RAW Nutrition brings you our ultra-premium vegan protein. Each scoop packs 20 grams of the highest quality plant-based protein with no hormones, no antibiotics, no chemicals, and zero GMO. We formulated out 100% vegan protein with an all natural sweetener - sweetly stevia to ensure superior taste and digestibility. 

    RAW Vegan Protein is fortified with vitamins to pack a serious nutrient-dense punch. Each serving is low in calories, carbohydrates, sugars, and fat to ensure it’s a fit for anyone and everyone's diet.

    Supplement Facts



    Cookies & Cream

    Peanut Butter

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    Benefits of VEGAN PROTEIN

    Not all proteins are made equally, especially when it comes to plant-based. Each plant protein source provides a certain amount of specific amino acids, so we’ve combined 4 powerhouse ingredients to create the perfect plant-based protein. Our complete formula sources protein from pea, brown rice, fava bean, and mung bean.


    Vegan protein + Complete Amino Acids Profile

    Fortified with vitamins, this vegan-friendly powder aids with digestion, supports muscle growth, recovery & provides a balanced source of amino acids and peptides.

    Sweetly Stevia

    Sweetened with all natural sweetener Sweetly Stevia to ensure superior taste for each of our flavor options.