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Sodium plays a number of important roles in your body:

* Aids in the absorption of nutrients in your gut
*  Helps maintain cognitive function
*  Helps maintain nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction
*  Increases blood plasma volume
* Helps maintain a fluid balance in your body

The more blood you have, the less strain on your cardiovascular system as it works to deliver oxygen to your muscles and helps to dissipate heat to cool you down when you’re working hard. 

So yes, sodium is very important if you want to maintain your performance when it counts.

Many studies have shown that on average, athletes are losing 1000mg of sodium per 1 liter or 32 oz of sweat lost, with many athletes tested in the lab showing a loss upwards of that number. 

Because of this, athletes need to know and then replenish their sodium losses throughout their training and racing to keep their body functioning optimally. 

We chose 1000mg of Sodium per serving, because for most athletes, that is the minimum they need to replace per hour. 

We chose Sea Salt because it's less processed and contains more minerals than your regular salt. It is made up of 84% chloride, 16% trace minerals

We chose Sodium Citrate as it makes the solution taste less salty, and combined with our other sodium choice it will act as a mild buffer, reduce chloride atoms that sit in the gut and will lower the osmolarity of the solution you are drinking. 

Replenish will allow you to replace your sodium needs while keeping your gut and taste buds happy
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