The 3 Best Cheap Pre-Workout Supplements of 2024

Your fitness goals are one of the most important things to achieve in your life. Yet, the idea of purchasing supplements to accelerate and improve them has been dancing in your head. The problem is you don’t have a lot of cash to burn.

So, the goal here is to find a pre-workout supplement that performs the best on a budget. This means you should avoid going after the cheapest option possible. The reasons are valid: poor overall quality, lesser performance and benefits, and so much more.

You don’t want that. In this guide, you will find the best cheap pre-workout that will work to your advantage. To reframe it in a different context, you’ll find the best pre-workout that you can afford based on the benefits, such as increased athletic performance, less muscle fatigue, and a boost of energy, among others.

Chris Bumstead and the Raw Nutrition team know that fitness goals are priceless. But investing in yourself while on a budget is more than possible. Let’s get started with the following down below.

The Champ, Chris Bumstead, working out in the gym 

Our Recommended Options for Affordable Pre-Workouts

We carefully chose these based on affordability along with other considerations such as caffeine tolerance and desired benefits. Let’s take a look at them now:

  1. Essential Pre-Workout

RAW’s Essential Pre-Workout

The first on our list is our Essential Pre-Workout. You’ll experience quite the energy boost that will last you a while. Also, you get the benefit of a great muscle pump and excellent focus.

Simply put, this is a high-quality pre-workout that will give you maximum benefits without breaking the bank. After all, that’s the goal of this guide. This contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, 4 g of L-Citrulline, and 3.2 g of Beta-Alanine, all working together to ensure you get the best results possible in every workout session you do.

Not bad for a pre-workout that’s cheap right? But what if you’re willing to spend a little more? Let’s take a look at another option.

  1. Pre-Extreme

A container of RAW Pre-Extreme 

If you want to spend a little more while having a bit of a higher caffeine tolerance, Pre Extreme could be your go-to option here. At the price it’s going for, you’re going to get quite the kick because it has double the milligrams of caffeine compared to the Pre Essential. Pre Extreme has double the amount of caffeine content compared to our Essential Pre-Workout.

If a boost of energy is a high priority, this will obviously be the clear choice. Beyond that, it has the other key ingredients needed for achieving the usual benefits of muscle pump and mental sharpness. The extra kick may be worth spending the additional cash on.

At this point, we’ve offered two pre-workouts that contain caffeine. If you’re looking for something without it on the cheap, our next option is a no-brainer choice.

  1. Pump Non-Stim Pre-Workout

A container of RAW Pump Non-Stim

It wouldn’t be fair to leave out those who have caffeine sensitivity or anyone who doesn’t want caffeine in their pre-workouts to begin with. That’s why Raw Nutrition created Pump Non-Stim Pre-Workout. It’s an excellent and affordable option for those who want the overall performance benefits.

You still get the nitric oxide-boosting ingredients along with Lion’s Mane, which is excellent for brain health. Talk about getting the best benefits without the stimulants. Something you might be happy with, even if it means paying less than normal.

If a caffeine-free pre-workout is what you want, you will certainly get it with this. 

Can Inexpensive Pre-Workout Powder Be High-Quality?

Here’s the rub on pre-workout supplements in general: the higher the quality, the higher the price. Granted, the same applies to almost any product you purchase. However, it might not always be the case with certain products, such as affordable pre-workout supplements.

How is this possible? First, you could try out the supplement yourself. Second, you may want to read the reviews from past users - especially the ones who comment specifically on the quality.

The challenge with user reviews is that not every opinion is going to be the same. One will be happy with the quality, while another may say otherwise. This can confuse you as an individual looking for the best quality you can afford.

In the case of pre-workouts, it’s not just the quality that should matter. It’s the best possible performance you’re looking for. So yes, you can find high-quality pre-workout supplements that are affordable.

Sure, they’re hard to find. But at Raw Nutrition, our five-time Mr. Olympia champion and face behind the brand (that’s Chris) will provide you with those cost-effective pre-workouts without having to waste time searching high and low. At the end of the day, achieving your fitness goals is not a luxury for those with a lot of money.

It doesn’t matter how much money you earn. It’s possible to achieve your fitness goals, whether money is an issue or not. That’s why we provide guides like this for those who want to get the best on a budget.

The benefits of a pre-workout supplement matter more than the price (as it should be). If you follow this guide further, we’ll make sure you don’t get the cheapest poor-quality options. So, let’s keep marching forward.

 A person mixing up a pre-workout drink before a workout

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements?

Even if you purchase cheap workout boosters, it’s always a good idea to know what the benefits are. So here’s a look at what to expect if you use pre-workout on a regular basis:

Increased energy levels

To begin, pre-workouts will provide you with increased energy levels. It will give you the chance to keep going in terms of your exercise sessions. Imagine doubling down on your session lengths.

If you normally go on for a half hour, you could see yourself going on for the full hour. It’s this benefit in particular where pre-workout excels. That’s because most pre-workouts contain caffeine - almost to the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

You’ll feel like you can power through your exercise sessions with no problem. But this isn’t the only awesome benefit you can experience.

Enhanced muscle endurance

Pre-workout also contains ingredients like L-Citrulline Malate which are proven to reduce muscle fatigue. It's also one of a few nitric oxide boosters that will expand blood vessels to accommodate the increased blood flow that is associated with increased nitric oxide production.

In turn, it gives you that feeling that you can keep going on for a long time. Especially on days when you feel like you can add on the heavier weights.

Imagine taking the opportunity to set personal bests in the gym. You lift your current personal best, and it feels a little easier than normal. So why not add on a little more and put in the reps?

Also, muscle cramps will be a thing of the past. You'll feel a lot better knowing you can lift heavy without the consequences.

You succeed, and your muscles say, “Hey, I can handle more”. Just add on gradually and get the job done. But remember not to overdo it, as it may hinder muscle recovery and slow down your goals of increasing muscle mass.

We digress, though. You’re probably wondering how you get this enhanced endurance. Beta-alanine is one of those key ingredients because it buffers lactic acid buildup in your muscles.

You also get that pump that will help with muscle growth. While the pump is temporary, it will help with the long-term goal of permanent gains so long as you stick with it.

Improved focus and mental clarity

Working out is not just physical but also mental. As such, pre-workouts were designed to address the latter aspect of your workouts. This is in the form of certain ingredients like Tyrosine, an amino acid that is linked to cognitive functioning.

It will enhance those functions by helping you stay focused and increasing your concentration when you bust out the reps. Mind and body work together like a well-oiled machine. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself after every workout session.

Yes, it is possible to achieve these benefits all on a budget. It takes the right kind of pre-workout to get you there. Carefully selecting one will be your overall goal here at this point.

A man wearing black RAW clothing and going for a run 

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Pre-Workout Supplements on a Budget?

Like anything you purchase - online or offline - you want to weigh the considerations and factors that go into your final decision. This is the case with high-quality, cheap pre-workouts. Without wasting any more time, here are some things to consider:

What pre-workout ingredients should I look for in a budget-friendly supplement?

If the main goal is superior performance, you want to find inexpensive workout supplements that make it possible. Specifically, beta-alanine is great for muscular endurance, allowing you to keep going even with heavier weights. Caffeine is another ingredient for that energy boost.

But herein lies a problem: not everyone will be able to use a pre-workout with caffeine. The good news is that there are plenty of non-stimulant options (one of them will be mentioned in our list of suggestions later on). You want to find common ingredients that will give you the best benefits possible. Later on, we’ll go over a detailed list.

What is my budget?

Each person is different when it comes to the floor and ceiling of their pre-workout budget. Ask yourself, “How much is too much?” when it comes to purchasing such supplements. Then, ask yourself how much is too little.

Pro-tip: find a middle-of-the-road price. Most of the time, that’s the sweet spot when it comes to finding the best quality pre-workout on a budget. Your best options will mostly be there.

If you need to spend a little more than your budget, do so - but don’t overspend. Even if it means spending a bit extra on better quality, it never hurts.

Have you ever used a pre-workout before?

If you have never used a pre-workout before, you may want to find one that is beginner-friendly. This means you may need to find one that won’t give you a lot of caffeine content. You don’t want your first impression of pre-workouts to be something that “comes on too strong”.

That’s when you need to pay attention to the labels. You want a modest or normal amount of caffeine in your pre-workout if you want a good first experience. A better suggestion is going for a non-stim version.

Either way, if you’re starting with supplements like this - find something that will give you that excellent first impression.

What Are the Key Ingredients in Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements will have ingredients that make them effective. While affordability is something to keep in mind, you don’t want to make needless sacrifices for the sake of saving a few dollars. Especially when it comes to effectiveness. These are the following ingredients that you’ll find in pre-workouts, affordable or otherwise:


This will be the key ingredient in pre-workouts that offer an excellent energy boost. Moderate caffeine content is something you can aim for if you’re starting. There may be others with higher doses of caffeine content, which you should refrain from unless you have a higher tolerance.


As mentioned, a dose of beta-alanine is a key ingredient that provides you with reduced muscle fatigue and increased endurance. This will be excellent for those who want to crank up the intensity of their workouts. Heavy days will seem a lot easier than you think.


Creatine may not always be included in pre-workouts. Be sure to check the label while you can. In pre-workouts that don’t have it, some experienced fitness enthusiasts will mix their creatine supplement with pre-workouts for enhanced performance.

If you are a beginner, you may not want to mix the two just yet. You may do so if you believe your body can handle enough of it. Start with small doses of creatine mixed with your pre-workout and adjust accordingly.


If you are looking for something that will keep you sharp mentally, Tyrosine is the ingredient to consider. It will provide you with better mental focus and a boost in cognitive function.

Overall, these are the key ingredients to look out for. More importantly, we also advise you to steer clear of any artificial ingredients or proprietary blends, which are more so additives as opposed to the ingredients that focus on the importance of performance.


We hope you found this guide helpful in finding the best cheap pre-workout supplements. You deserve the best in performance without spending too much. Get ready to maximize your workout performance on a budget! Make sure to check out our affordable yet high-quality pre-workout supplements.

March 15, 2024 — Aaron Napoles