The 4 Best Protein Powders of 2024

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes have sworn by protein powder for a long time. Especially when it has proven itself useful in building muscle. Protein is always an essential thing to have when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

This guide will help you find the best protein powder that fits your personal needs and preferences. We will also include the best options that you can choose from. We guarantee that you’ll find something that will taste great and maximize the benefits you’re looking for.

At Raw Nutrition, 5-time Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead and the team are excited to discuss protein powders while helping you find the best one. Ready to go? So are we - let’s get started.

Your Options for the Best Protein Powder

We have hand-picked these options based on factors like quality, affordability, and whether they fit your dietary restrictions. Here’s a list of protein powders we recommend:

  1. RAW Whey Protein Blend

Alt text: A container of RAW Whey Protein Blend

The first one we’ll take a look at is our Whey Protein Blend. You get 25 grams of whey protein in one scoop. This type of protein is quick and easy to digest, which will make it excellent for muscle growth. 

You get to enjoy maximum bio-availability because this protein powder has no fillers. Another thing you’ll be happy with is the lack of side effects - which comes with protein powders that do have fillers and artificial ingredients (which you should stay away from 100 percent).

  1. RAW Vegan Protein

A white tub of RAW’s Vegan Protein 

As promised, this is an option that is an excellent fit for those with vegan, vegetarian, or non-lactose dietary restrictions. You get to enjoy this plant-based option that features 20 grams of protein. You’ll still get excellent benefits like lean muscle mass support.

Best of all, you get none of the fillers, chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. You also get an excellent taste of any of the flavors we offer. That’s because it's sweetened with stevia.

Of course, one thing to remember is that natural sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit are way better than aspartame and sucralose. Another reason you should check the ingredient list on all your protein powder containers.

Even if you don’t follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, this may be a protein powder that you might enjoy. Give it a try, and you might not be disappointed.

3. CBUM Itholate Protein

A container of CBUM’s Itholate Protein

The CBUM Itholate Protein is something that was flavored and formulated by Chris Bumstead himself. So it comes as no surprise that Raw Nutrition sells it. You get 25 grams of whey protein that you can enjoy, along with something that is fat-free and has a trace amount of carbs.

If you’re serious about building muscle, it may be a good idea to find a protein powder that gets the job done. This one, in particular, just might be the best-tasting one on the list.

The texture is also excellent as well, and you can mix it with ease. Not too shabby for a high-quality protein powder.

4. RAW Isolate Protein

With 25 grams of pure whey protein isolate, it will be great for building lean muscle mass. Plus, it’s made from grass-fed protein that will give you the best benefits possible. Since it’s easy to digest, it won’t be bad for your stomach, and your muscles will get protein faster for recovery.

It may look like your ordinary protein. But in truth, it’s protein-packed with a punch. Try it, and you’ll love it for a long time. 

What Are the Types of Proteins Available on the Market?

Protein powders come in different varieties. As such, they come with their characteristics and benefits. For this reason, it may be a challenge to choose something.

However, this is where certain factors and considerations come into play. We will go into a list of considerations later on. But for now, let’s go over a list of the protein supplement types that are available:

Whey Protein

Whey protein is considered one of the best choices in terms of protein powder. That’s because it contains a complete amino acid profile that will be great for the promotion of muscle protein synthesis. Another reason is that it can be absorbed in the body fairly quickly.

Because of that, it becomes an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality complete protein powder, especially if you’re using something for post-workout recovery. One caveat to address is that this type of protein source may not be a good choice for those who are lactose intolerant.

Whey contains lactose, which can mean two things: you may need to be cautious with your dose or you may need to consider a different type of protein. Lucky for those of you who are lactose intolerant, we still have more types of protein to discuss.

Essential amino acids will be one of the key ingredients in whey protein powder. Plus, you get a good amount of protein content (depending on the brand, scoop size, etc.). Whey protein isolate, found in some of the products we offer, could be your best option.

Casein Protein

Casein protein is a type that is digested slowly compared to its whey counterpart. It will release a sustained amount of amino acids into the blood. This will be excellent for those looking for prolonged muscle protein synthesis, such as between meals or fasting periods.

One of the best things about casein protein is that it contains a high amount of glutamine, which is excellent for immune function. If you want to make a protein shake before bed, consider getting a powder with casein for your protein intake since it releases slowly - even when you sleep.

Plant-based Protein

We live in an age where plant-based options are on the rise. This includes plant proteins derived from pea protein, soy, hemp, and rice. If you are lactose intolerant or following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, this protein type will be the best option.

Nonetheless, you’ll enjoy the wide variety of nutrients that are beneficial for both your body and your environment with plant-based protein powders. Here’s the deal: you don’t have to adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet to try this kind of protein powder out. You’d be surprised how awesome a vegan protein powder will taste (along with the excellent benefits it provides).

A woman holding a container of Isolate Protein powder

Benefits of a High-Quality Protein Powder

If you’re wondering what the benefits a protein powder can provide, we’ll discuss it here. This will give you more than enough reason to purchase one for your workouts. Let’s go over the following benefits:

Excellent Source of Protein

This is stating the obvious. While you can get protein from all kinds of different foods like milk, cheese, animal, and plant-based sources, protein powder is great for getting a good amount of it. It’s important to ensure that you have an excellent solution that will help you meet your daily protein needs while not wasting a lot of time with meal preparation that may seem tedious and all-consuming.

Supports for Muscle Building and Repair

Protein powder will give you the essential amount you need for muscle protein synthesis - the process where your body builds new muscle tissue. One of the best times to have a protein shake is when you’re finished with a resistance training session.

This is because it provides a rapid influx of amino acids to your muscles. When this happens, you will promote an environment that will be favorable for muscle growth and repair.

Weight Management and Appetite Control

Yes, you can use protein powder for weight loss as well. That’s because it can help induce that feeling of being full. At the same time, it can help you control your appetite. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your overall calorie intake while supporting your weight management goals, a protein powder might be something to consider.

Versatility in Diet Plans

Whatever diet you adhere to, the good news is that protein powders can fit like a hand and glove. This is because you can find one that will fit a vegan, vegetarian, or lactose-free diet. There may be other types of protein powders that fit your specific dietary needs.

The good news is that you still get plenty of nutrients and micronutrients as well. So be sure to find one that will easily fit your diet plans.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Protein Powder

Now that you have a solid idea of the types of protein powder that exist, along with the benefits, it’s time to look over various considerations. This will be essential before making a final purchasing decision. Here’s a look at the considerations you’ll want to follow below:

Your Dietary Goals and Restrictions

Of course, this will play a huge role in choosing the best protein powder. You can find one that is aligned with your dietary restrictions and preferences. As mentioned, you can choose a vegan protein powder that will be aligned with the diet restriction you follow.

Ingredient Transparency

This is a huge one not because of safety and health reasons. It’s also a brand integrity thing as well. At Raw Nutrition, we are 100 percent transparent about the ingredients in all of our products, including our line of protein powders.

We don’t include sneaky stuff like artificial ingredients and not mention them. We disclose the real ingredients inside and nothing but them. We are serious about the health and safety of our users - and the last thing we need are products that can be trouble for them.

Protein powders that are excellent in quality will be certified and pass third-party quality and purity tests with flying colors. Raw Nutrition has protein powders that will meet these standards with ease.


Affordability may be a concern for someone looking for a protein powder. So it may be a good idea to consider one that will fit your budget. Yes, these don’t come cheap, but they are an excellent investment when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

That’s why you should decide whether or not which ones meet your budget requirements and which ones may not. How much is too much? That’s up to you.

What Makes Protein Significant in a Balanced Diet?

It’s always a good idea to include protein in a well-balanced diet. That’s because it’s a building block of life. Protein is a macronutrient that will help every cell in your body in terms of structure and function.

It can also have plenty of abilities, like producing enzymes, boosting immune function, and assisting the transportation of nutrients throughout the body. Nonetheless, protein is excellent for muscle growth, recovery, and overall athletic performance. A protein powder will contribute to your daily intake of what you need in terms of this nutrient.

Whether it’s on a workout day or an off day, it’s as essential as the others. Make sure you are adding enough protein to your diet, or you may start to fall behind in your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that we have covered our hand-picked suggestions for the best protein powder, we’ll go over the frequently asked questions that people typically send our way. So let’s address them right now:

What are the health benefits of using the best protein powder?

The health benefits of protein powder include weight management, recovery after exercise, and muscle growth, among others. You can enjoy these regardless of what type of protein you’re consuming.

Is there a difference between plant-based and whey protein powders?

Whey protein contains lactose, which plant-based protein does not. This is a major difference to look out for when looking for a protein powder, especially if you adhere to certain dietary restrictions.

Why should I choose Raw Nutrition’s protein powder over others?

Raw Nutrition’s protein powders are formulated and backed by Chris Bumstead, a five-time Mr. Olympia whose mission is to offer excellent quality products for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. One reason why you should choose our protein powders is because of the excellent quality along with the great taste. Plus, it’s easy to mix, and a lot of our customers have left us plenty of rave reviews.

A woman mixing up a protein shake 


We hope this guide in finding the best protein powder has been helpful. You want to make sure you choose one based on your personal needs, dietary needs, and preferences. The main thing is to find one that will allow you to easily meet your fitness goals.

Eventually, you’ll find one you’ll enjoy - especially from the suggestions we’ve offered above. Discover the power of high-quality protein with Raw Nutrition. Start your journey to better health today!

March 14, 2024 — Aaron Napoles