The Global Battlefield Research Solutions Group is a veteran owned, tier 1 training and services organization. They are committed to imparting skills and real world experiences to end- users in military, federal, state and local special operations units. 

With a combined 50 + years of military service and experience, these retired Navy seals & Tier 1 SMU operators are headquartered next to the biggest U.S. Naval Station in the world. The Norfolk Naval Station houses 75 ships, over 134 aircraft carriers, 14 piers, and 11 aircraft hangars. 


Something that struck a chord with us here at Raw Nutrition, is the Danny Dietz Foundation. The Danny Dietz Foundation is a "nonprofit organization focused on continuing Danny Dietz's legacy and Never Quit attitude by being committed to offering support during times of need to those that protect us at all cost". Danny Dietz was part of Operation Red Wings - after relentless attacks from the enemy, this operation resulted in one of the worst days for U.S. Forces death tolls.

11 Navy Seals and 8 U.S. Army Special Operations aviators were KIA, Danny Dietz included.

A major motion picture went to be created from the account of the sole survivor; the movie is called LONE SURVIVOR.

Danny Dietz has since received numerous medals for his heroic actions and acts of valor displayed under pressure, including the Navy Cross - only awarded to those who have shown extraordinary heroism in combat.

GBRS was founded on a set of values and morals that are unwavering, unyielding, and true. 



Those values that GBRS was founded on, are the same ones we believe in here at Raw. GBRS and Raw have more in common than meets the eye. We both know the key to success in anything, is not giving up and persevering. Our values and view on principles are the same; we believe in being one's true self. No false facades, putting in the hard work, and earning everything you get.

With common ground on personal morals, a patriotic sense of duty, and a view on the world, a collaboration felt natural and seamlessly cohesive. 



We have a lot of content that'll be coming out soon with the guys over at GBRS. Our content team visited GBRS HQ in Norfolk, VA. GBRS put our guys to the test and had them spend a few days in the Navy Seal mindset and routine. They put them to the test every single day, being ready to start their days at 5am sharp!

Think you could handle it? For a full breakdown of their trip, stay tuned for updates on the Raw Nutrition Instagram @getrawnutrition. 

We also partnered up for a special drop! Inventory is low so we will sell out, make sure to get yours:

- GBRS x RAW Hydrate - Limited Edition Flavor: R.W.B

- 2 Athletic Fit T- Shirts

- 1 Premium Quality Hoodie

November 02, 2023 — Aaron Napoles
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Jeff said:

Awesome partnership!!

Christopher Combs said:

I was wondering if there was a date yet for when the special drop stuff will release?

Tom said:

Where and when can I order the special drop

Joseph Wilson said:

As a retired Staff Sergeant of the United States Army I am pleased to hear about this collaboration. My last deployment to Afghanistan I was Operationally Controlled (OPCON) to the Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC) as the Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of a 10 Man element that was tasked with providing tactical support as well as a host of other roles in support of the Joint task Force mission. During my last few years in service I had the opportunity to learn from and be involved in some of the most classified missions. Working with some of these operators and other three letter organizations really made an impact on my life and I’ve been pushing the bounds of physical fitness, mental agility and resilience ever since. This collaboration has given me a since of added respect for the Raw family and as a Raw ambassador this will push me to further promote the brand with confidence and loyalty. Keep up the great work.

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