Hack Squat vs Leg Press: Which Is Better?

If your goal is to build powerful legs, finding the right exercise will be key. Yet, you were caught between two different exercises: the hack squat and the leg press. Which is better for your quads, hamstrings, and glutes? Both of these exercises are often used by those who engage in weightlifting routines regularly.

Yet the debate between hack squats and leg presses still goes on. Even after publishing this guide and you find the answer, people will still go back and forth. If you ever get caught up in a debate like this, refer this guide to them. Here, we will create strong cases for both exercises by providing a comprehensive breakdown of each exercise's pros and cons. From there, you can decide which exercise will best fit your goals.

Ready to get started? So are we. Let's begin with everything you need to know about these two leg exercises.

A man using a hack squat machine

The Hack Squat: What to Know? 

Let's turn our attention first to the hack squat in this debate. We will be looking at some of the benefits and details. Let's get started with the following points:

Unmatched Quad Activation 

The hack squat has long been one of the staples for those building their quad muscles. Many people call this compound exercise the king of quad builders. You want to place your feet forward and lean back against the sled to get this to work. Of course, this exercise is a hybrid between squat exercises and the deadlift.

When assuming the position, you're amplifying the stress on your quad muscles. As a result, there will be intense muscle fiber recruitment and growth potential. Before doing this exercise, consider using a pre-workout that gives you that nice muscle pump so your quads appear ridiculously larger. That's where you can find Raw Nutrition's Non-Stim Pre-Workout, among others, to get the ingredients that make that pump possible.

If there's one thing that Chris Bumstead knows, Raw Nutrition's Isolate Protein Powder is also great for building your muscle, especially when you need the protein to help repair the minor tears to ensure better growth. It would be best not to skip out on using excellent high-quality supplements to build your quads or all your leg muscles for better strength, explosive jumps on the box jump exercises, and more.

It's Safer on the Lower Back 

Hack squats are not like traditional back squats. However, this exercise will place less strain on your lower back. The reason for this is the angle position along with the counterbalance sled—both of which can reduce the compressive forces on your spine, so it will be a back-friendly option, especially for those who have a history of lower back issues or even pre-existing conditions.

Plenty of exercises may not be possible because of any lower back issues you might have. The hack squat could be one of your best go-to exercises or an alternative for placing less stress on your back. However, you must talk to your doctor before considering any exercises if you deal with chronic or pre-existing conditions where it might raise concerns.

Versatility in Foot Placement 

Another benefit of the hack squat is adjusting your foot placement. If you assume a wider stance, it will target your adductors. Meanwhile, your quadriceps will also be the muscle of focus if you take a narrower stance. Nonetheless, you have the versatile ability to adjust your exercises accordingly based on your specific needs or any weaknesses you may have.

It's always a good idea to perform an exercise that allows you to switch things up whenever you feel like it. The last thing you want is to perform an exercise that gives you limited abilities in terms of adjustment.

If you're uncomfortable with one position variation, you can easily switch to something that is more comfortable and suited to your speed.

The Leg Press and Its Advantages 

Now that we've covered our bases regarding the hack squat, we will discuss the leg press. We will be taking a look at the following advantages so you are aware of what to expect when performing them. Here's a look at what they are:

Controlled Movement 

The leg press has a more controlled and stable movement pattern than the hack squat. Here, your back will be supported, and your feet will be planted on the sled. This way, you can concentrate solely on pushing through your heels while minimizing the risk of form breakdown or even potential injuries. You'll be able to perform many controlled reps without ever having to worry about whether or not you're doing it properly.

Reduced Stability Demands 

If you're performing a free weight exercise like squats, there is a significant need for core stabilization. With the leg press, that is not the case. Because of this, the stability demands are reduced quite drastically. If you are a beginner or recovering from injuries, it will ensure that this exercise, with its limited range of motion, will be safe to do when you're focusing on rebuilding that strength that may have been lost due to injury or building it to get stronger. Either way, it's an exercise you can certainly add to your repertoire, especially on the legendary leg day (which you shouldn't skip).

Customizable Foot Positions 

This advantage seems familiar. Similar to the hack squat, the leg press allows you to change foot positions to target different muscle groups. The wider stance will allow you to focus more on the glutes and hamstrings, while the narrower stance will help you focus more on the quadriceps. As mentioned before, it is important that you switch it up with different foot angles so you can change the muscle recruitment patterns.

Once again, you can utilize the different foot positions if you're looking to find something more comfortable. The important thing to note is that you don't have many limitations when it comes to changing your foot positions.

A hack squat machine 

Hack Squat vs. Leg Press: From Raw Nutrition's Angle 

It's no secret that Chris Bumstead, the five-time Mr. Olympia, has worked out frequently to keep his body in good shape, and he still does to this day. Nonetheless, he and many other fitness experts can tell you that leg exercises are crucial regardless of whether they're hack squats or leg presses, which have their own merits and allow you to hit your legs from multiple angles.

Both exercises are pretty good. You can perform the hack squat if you want to build your quads for better strength and aesthetics. However, we highly appreciate the leg press's more controlled nature, especially if you are working through any nagging injuries. Speaking of injuries, you must take things lightly as you are recovering.

We also want to remind you that it is paramount that you consult with your physician before you continue with an exercise regimen. Rest and recovery are essential, but you should play it safe when mounting a comeback and conquering your fitness goals.

How to Find the Right Balance 

Regarding the hack squat versus the leg press, it all depends on you. This is based on your individual goals, preferences, and physical limitations. If your primary focus is on quad development and strengthening your back to be solid and injury-free, consider the hack squat your best exercise. For a more controlled movement and for those with lower back concerns, there's no denying that the leg press can be an equally effective option - albeit a safe one.

Regardless, you must listen to your body while incorporating both exercises into your routine. You can vary your leg workouts to keep your muscles guessing and create a balanced development across all major muscle groups. With this in mind, we'll show you the following tips on mastering the hack squat and the leg press.

Mastering the Hack Squat 

If you intend to focus on the hack squat for your fitness routine, here are some tips to help you master it. This is what they are:

  • Proper form: Position your feet shoulder-width apart to assume the appropriate form. Make sure that your toes are slightly pointed outward. Next, lean against the sled while keeping your chest and core engaged. Start your descent by pushing your hips back and bending your knees, ensuring your knees track over your toes. When you reach the bottom, briefly pause before driving through your heels and returning to the start position.
  • Gradual progression: If you are a beginner, you must start with a lighter weight and remain focused on the form. If you are comfortable, you can increase the load gradually. This will challenge your muscles and promote their growth over time.
  • Variations: Did you know that there are different variations of the leg press? Start with the basics, mastering the regular leg press. Once you've built some experience and confidence, you can gradually incorporate single-leg presses, elevated presses, or even pauses at the bottom of the movement. These variations can increase the intensity and challenge your muscles in new ways. Remember, it's a journey, and you're gradually building up to these variations and heavier weight. 

Maximizing the Leg Press 

Now, if the leg press exercise is more of your speed, we will provide you with tips you can follow. Here's what they are:

  • Proper positioning: Ensuring your safety and comfort is key. Start by sitting comfortably on the leg press machine, with your back flat against the pad. Position your feet shoulder-width apart on the sled. If needed, adjust the seat height and the sled starting position to find your most comfortable range of motion. Remember, a secure and comfortable position is the foundation of a successful leg press.
  • Controlled movement: You want to inhale as you unlock the sled and slowly lower yourself until your legs reach a 90-degree angle. Then, exhale as you drive through your heels and straighten your legs. Do not lock your knees when you return to the start position, as it is hard on knee joints.
  • Foot placement: Like the hack squat, you can experiment with different foot positions to target different muscle groups, such as your glutes and hamstrings. Remember that a wider stance will focus on those muscles, while a narrower one will focus on the quads.
  • Variations: Did you know that there are different variations of the leg press? Start with the basics, mastering the regular leg press. Once you've built some experience and confidence, you can gradually incorporate single-leg presses, elevated presses, or even pauses at the bottom of the movement. These variations can increase the intensity and challenge your muscles in new ways. Remember, it's a journey, and you're gradually building up to these variations with heavier weight.
A woman using a leg press machine

Final Thoughts 

Hack squats and leg presses are, without question, two excellent leg exercises you can perform. By building muscle and increasing strength using these, you can be able to get some of the overall benefits, whether it's conquering your box jump personal bests or building overall strength. These exercises will give your muscles in this area quite the workout.

Before we go, we want to remind you that Raw Nutrition has all your supplemental needs for whatever fitness goal you intend to reach. Check out our store today for our lineup of protein powders, pre-workouts, and more.

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