Let's talk about something that might be confusing for a lot of people. What exactly are the differences between Fuel & IntraWorkout? They're both carb formulas but what else do they have in common and where do they differ? Read the breakdown below:

RAW Fuel

This new formula combines the perfect ratio of 0.8:1 (fructose to glucose) with 24g carbohydrates and 300 mg sodium per serving size. By including fructose, which uses a separate transporter than glucose, you can increase your total carbohydrate absorption, thus enhancing available energy. This mixed intake leads to greater total carbohydrate oxidation than consuming glucose alone. While your glucose transporters may be saturated, fructose can still be absorbed, allowing for additional carbohydrate uptake. Mixing fructose and glucose offers three key benefits for endurance athletes:

1. Ensures a steady energy supply
During prolonged exercise, maintaining a high carbohydrate oxidation rate is crucial for sustaining high-intensity performance. The combined absorption of glucose and fructose ensures a steady energy supply.

2. Avoids possible GI Issues
Consuming high amounts of glucose alone can lead to gastrointestinal issues. By using both glucose and fructose, this risk is minimized, as fructose absorption doesn’t compete with glucose, thereby reducing gastrointestinal stress. A key here is allowing us to use more carbohydrates over long periods of time without GI distress.

3. Conserves Energy
The mix allows the body to maintain energy levels over longer periods, which is essential in endurance sports.

RAW IntraWorkout

25g Cluster dextrins, also known as highly branched cyclic dextrins (HBCDs), a low amount of sodium at 50mg.

1. Quick Absorption: Cluster dextrins have a high molecular weight and low osmolality, which means they can pass through the stomach quickly and get absorbed in the intestines, providing a rapid source of energy. This is crucial for weightlifting who need immediate energy for short, intense bursts of activity.

2. Steady Energy Release: Unlike simple sugars (glucose) that can lead to spikes in blood sugar followed by crashes, cluster dextrins release energy gradually. This sustained energy release is beneficial during long training sessions, helping weightlifters maintain consistent performance throughout their workouts.

3. Glycogen Replenishment: Effective replenishment of muscle glycogen is key for recovery and performance in strength training. The efficient absorption and utilization of cluster dextrins can help accelerate glycogen synthesis during the post-workout recovery phase, enabling quicker recovery between sessions.

4. Reduced Fatigue: By providing a steady source of energy and supporting glycogen replenishment, cluster dextrins can help mitigate feelings of fatigue, allowing weightlifters to train harder and recover faster.

5. Gentle on the Stomach: The rapid gastric emptying of cluster dextrins minimizes the risk of stomach discomfort during exercise. This is particularly important for weightlifters, as gastrointestinal distress can significantly impact performance and focus during heavy lifts. A potential negative effect here with overconsumption we could see too quickly of gastric emptying leading to a bowel movement rapidly.


A glucose/fructose mix might offer benefits more aligned with endurance training, such as dual-pathway absorption for longer energy supply, which is less critical for the typically shorter duration of resistance workouts.

The key for resistance athletes is not just the energy supply but the quality of that energy: how quickly it's available, how long it lasts, and how it supports the overall training and recovery process.

Cluster dextrin's profile fits these needs exceptionally well, making it a preferred choice for resistance training athletes focused on maximizing performance and recovery. Fuel can be used for resistance training as well, especially for those who are looking to increase carbohydrate intake and keep sodium levels consistent throughout the training session.

April 08, 2024 — Dominic Kuza

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