Informed Sport certification acts as a mark of quality and safety, reassuring consumers that the products they are consuming are rigorously tested for banned substances. This is particularly crucial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who undergo drug testing and cannot afford the risk of accidental doping.

Athletes, from professionals to dedicated amateurs, are more likely to choose supplements that are certified free of banned substances. Certification opens up a significant market segment that values and requires assurance against doping violations.

Endurance Athletes Informed Sports Products


The process involves thorough testing of products for contaminants and banned substances, which encourages adherence to the highest manufacturing standards. This not only ensures the purity and safety of the supplement but also improves overall product quality.

The supplement industry is highly competitive. Having Informed Sport certification can differentiate products from others in the market, offering a competitive advantage that can attract discerning customers looking for the highest quality and safety standards.

RAW Endurance products are Informed Sport Certified


While not a regulatory requirement, participating in the Informed Sport program can help ensure we are in alignment with global anti-doping standards. This can be beneficial in navigating the complex regulatory landscapes of different countries.

By ensuring products are free of banned substances, can reduce the risk of legal issues related to doping scandals. This is crucial for maintaining reputation and avoiding the financial and reputational damages associated with such scandals.

It demonstrates commitment to ethics and fair play in sports. By ensuring products are safe and clean, this shows we are invested in the health and success of our customers, not just in making a profit.

The RAW Endurance line is Informed Sport Certified


The Informed Sport certification process is meticulous, involving pre-registration testing, regular batch testing, and a manufacturing audit. The benefits of achieving certification are substantial, helping to build trust with consumers, ensure product quality, and access a wider market of athletes and sports professionals who require certified supplements.

March 08, 2024 — Dominic Kuza

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