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Shop our collection of ready-to-drink supplements today and craft a fitness regimen that’s ahead of the curve. RTD supplements combine convenience and nutrition, so you can be sure vitality is just a sip away. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, health buff, or just anyone with a pulse on wellness, these liquid powerhouses have transformed the nutrition landscape.

The Rise of Liquid Supplements

Once upon a time, the supplement world was all about powders and pills. Enter ready-to-drink supplements, and the game changed. Why the switch? Think about it: no more measuring or mixing, just grab and go. 

It’s nutrition tailored for the 21st-century lifestyle. Raw Nutrition understands this shift, crafting products designed for the modern go-getter. Because when you choose us, you’re choosing a brand that’s committed to helping you achieve your greatest goals.

The Convenience Factor

In a world that never hits pause, the convenience of ready-to-drink supplements is a true game-changer. These bottled wonders are ideal for anyone from the dedicated gym enthusiast to the overbooked professional. Imagine the ease of having a meal replacement drink packed with essential nutrients at your fingertips.

This is not just about saving time; it's about integrating seamless nutrition into your daily diet. For those mindful of lactose intolerance, these drinks are a worry-free solution, ensuring your body gets what it needs without the digestive stress. They're a perfect blend of dietary supplements and convenience, making them an excellent source of nourishment for everyone.

RAW PUMP RTDs- Fruit Punch

Nutritional Powerhouses

Dig a little deeper, and you'll find that Raw Nutrition products are not just about convenience. They are nutritional titans, each serving boasting grams of protein essential for muscle recovery and building. Thavage RTD and Pump RTD stand out in the realm of protein shakes and nutritional drinks.

They're packed with amino acids, the building blocks of protein, vital for muscle enzyme function and recovery. For those tracking their daily protein intake, these drinks offer a quantifiable and delicious way to meet your goals, contributing significantly to your normal diet and health regime.

Tailored for Your Fitness Journey

Here at Raw Nutrition, we understand that your fitness journey is yours and yours alone. Our products are designed to support everyone, from those lifting weights as a pro to those who incorporate high-intensity exercise into their routine. 

These supplements offer complete nutrition, including branched-chain amino acids for those engaged in muscle-building and endurance activities. They're also ideal for individuals with specific health conditions, providing a balanced diet supplement without artificial ingredients.

The Science Behind the Supplements

At the heart of Raw Nutrition’s offerings is a commitment to scientific formulation. Every ingredient, from the muscle recovery supporting L-Tyrosine in Thavage RTD to the endurance-boosting Glycerol in Pump RTD, is selected based on research and its role in training adaptations.

RAW PUMP RTDs- Rainbow Sherbert


Thus, we align our brand with the standards set by authorities like the International Society of Sports Nutrition, ensuring that every drink shake or pre-workout supplement meets the highest criteria for efficacy and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does RTD mean in supplements?

RTD stands for "ready to drink" when referring to supplements. An RTD supplement is a supplement that comes pre-mixed and ready to consume straight from the package without needing any preparation by the user.

RTD supplements provide a convenient, portable way to get your nutrients. They come already dissolved in a liquid beverage like a sports drink, juice, or flavored water. A user doesn't have to mix any powders, tablets, capsules, etc.

Common types of RTD supplements include:

  • RTD protein drinks - Contain fast-absorbing proteins like whey or casein pre-dissolved in the beverage. Provide an easy way to get in protein intake.
  • RTD pre-workouts - Come with pre-workout ingredients like caffeine, creatine, and amino acids already suspended in the liquid for immediate consumption.
  • RTD BCAAs - Branched-chain amino acids pre-mixed in drinks for rapid delivery to muscles.
  • RTD fat burners - Thermogenic compounds dissolved in liquids for on-the-go use.
RTDs Against Concrete

Are RTD supplements worth it?

  • Convenience - RTD supplements provide an easy, fuss-free way to get your nutrients without any mixing or prep. The ready-to-drink format allows you to take your supplements anywhere. This makes RTD supplements ideal for on-the-go use.
  • Absorption - Since RTD supplements come pre-dissolved in liquid, they can be rapidly absorbed and utilized by the body. This gives them an absorption edge over capsules or powders that need time to break down.
  • Variety - RTD supplements come in many supplement categories like protein, pre-workouts, BCAAs, vitamins, etc. This provides variety and flexibility in supplementation options.
  • Taste - RTD supplements tend to taste better than raw powders or pills. Flavoring ingredients are pre-mixed. However, taste is subjective. Some may prefer unflavored powders.

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