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Optimize your gains and recovery with RAW Nutrition's line of essential post-workout supplements. Whether it’s muscle growth supplements, recovery supplements, or natural post-workout supplements, Raw Nutrition is here to guide you. 

Shop our post-workout formulas that provide the vital nutrients your body urgently needs after an intense training session. With our wide selection, RAW Nutrition has you covered for capitalizing on those all-important gains during your muscle building journey.

The Champion’s Choice: CBUM Itholate Protein

Protein is more than just a nutrient; it’s the cornerstone of muscle recovery. Enter CBUM Itholate Protein, a formula so potent it’s endorsed by none other than 5x Mr. Olympia, Chris Bumstead. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill protein supplement. 

CBUM Vanilla Itholate Protein

Each serving delivers a whopping 25g of pure whey protein isolate, designed for serious muscle growth and repair. Ideal for post-intense workouts, it aids in muscle protein synthesis, crucial for repairing muscle damage and mitigating muscle soreness. And let’s not forget, it’s low in fat and carbs—because what you don’t need after a workout is just as important as what you do.

Creatine: A Timeless Classic

When it comes to legendary supplements, Creatine takes the crown. More than just a supplement for muscle recovery, it’s a powerhouse that promotes muscle mass, especially after an intense exercise. It’s known for spiking strength and generating muscular power, essential for improving muscle fullness and combating muscle fatigue. 

Raw Nutrition’s high-quality creatine monohydrate ensures that you’re not just lifting weights—you’re elevating your whole performance. Its role in enhancing muscle tissue and post-workout recovery is well-documented, making it a must-have in your supplement arsenal. Say hello to muscle gains, but stay hydrated to prevent muscle cramps and soreness.

100 Serving Creatine Monohydrate

Essential Amino Acids (EAA): The Building Blocks of Muscle

We all know amino acids are important, but Essential Amino Acids (EAA) are the true VIPs of muscle recovery. Our EAA blend is more than just a supplement; it’s a precision-engineered formula designed to maximize muscular endurance and kickstart recovery.

Including every essential amino acid, it supercharges your body’s ability to repair and build muscle tissue. They play a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis, helping to repair the muscle damage that naturally occurs during your workouts. Think of them as your personal muscle repair team, working tirelessly to get you back in the game faster.

Vaughn Walker using EAAs

Raw Sleep: It’s a Must for Recovery

Let’s talk about recovery’s other essential component: sleep. RAW Sleep is far from your average sleep aid. This popular choice is a carefully crafted formula designed to induce deep, restorative sleep, which is essential for muscle recovery and overall well-being. Ingredients like Lemon Balm and Noogandha® work synergistically to not just help you fall asleep, but to ensure you wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle another day of training. 

Adequate sleep is crucial for muscle recovery, as it’s during these crucial hours that our bodies undergo most of their repair and recovery processes. By ensuring a good night’s rest, RAW Sleep helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, making it a critical component of your post-workout routine.

Optimize Your Post-Workout Routine

Your post-workout regimen is not just about what you do in the gym but also about what you consume afterwards. That’s where post-workout supplements like protein shakes come into play. 

They are not just beverages; they are your muscle repair and recovery tools. And with options like CBUM Itholate Protein, you’re ensuring optimum nutrition after every workout.

RAW Sleep Mixed Berry

Tips for Optimal Recovery: Maximizing Your Post-Workout Potential

Post-workout recovery is an art, and like any masterpiece, it requires a blend of the right elements. Here are some tips to ensure you’re on the right track:

  • Maintain a Balanced Diet: Your body is a machine, and food is its fuel. A balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients is crucial. It’s not just about protein; your body needs a variety of foods to repair and build muscle. Think colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. This varied diet will provide a wide range of potential benefits, supporting muscle endurance and overall health.

  • Incorporate a Blend of Protein: Protein powders are a great addition, but don’t overlook natural sources. A blend of protein from different sources ensures you’re getting a complete amino acid profile. This aids in muscle building and acts as a source of energy, accelerating recovery from exercise.

  • Stay Hydrated: Water is essential for every cell in your body. It helps transport nutrients to your muscles and removes waste products, aiding in recovery and muscle endurance.

  • Prioritize Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Supplements can be a perfect choice to fill any gaps in your diet. Essential vitamins like Vitamin C and D, along with minerals like magnesium and zinc, play vital roles in muscle repair and immune function.

  • Get Adequate Sleep: Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. It’s a key player in recovery, allowing your body to repair muscle tissue and restore energy levels.

Listen to Your Body: Last but not least, tune in to what your body tells you. If you’re feeling overly fatigued or sore, it might be time to ease up and allow more time for recovery.


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